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Couples Counseling

Are you starting to feel disconnected with your partner where you can no longer communicate? You may start to believe that you are no longer compatible, while still hoping and longing to be close to one another. It is an exhausting push-pull cycle. Relationship research has shown that a satisfying and secure bond comes from a partnership based on your ability to recognize the emotional interdependence between you and your partner and how to respond effectively and appropriately to these emotions. When you learn to do this, you naturally both create love and comfort, support, trust, protection, safety and security to give to each other. I will work with you to help you:

  • Reorganize your understanding of emotional responses
  • Create new cycles of communication
  • Cultivate a more secure bond between you and your partner

I specialize in couples who:

  • Get so caught up in reactive behaviors that they can’t seem to feel close
  • Feel like they “don’t know” each other anymore
  • Have trouble recovering from an event of betrayal

EFT helps you grow through a deeper, richer and more secure emotional connection. When you feel such emotional security in your relationship, you grow more and more comfortable with navigating difficult situations and feelings. You may start to notice that you are not having the “same fight” over and over again, or the things that you used to disagree on before do not seem to be as painful or as detrimental to your relationship.

Individual Counseling

Are you wondering if therapy is the right step for you? I want to thank you for allowing yourself to explore a new possibility of what it means to be truly connected to yourself and others. I specialize in these types of mental health concerns:

  • Difficulties in finding and keeping meaningful relationships
  • Not knowing how to access emotional capacities (i.e. numb, distant, confused)
  • Not knowing how to make sense of difficult emotions (i.e. angry, resentful, exhausted)
  • Feeling lost and not knowing what to do after significant life transitions like moving, a new career, or a separation from a break-up or a divorce

While my practice is grounded in attachment and systems theories, I also utilize other treatment modalities to help you reach your goals. This can include mindfulness and meditation-based cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy skills. I acknowledge that each client’s concerns are different, however, my main goals in therapy are simple – to ensure that you feel understood in a comfortable and supportive environment.

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Schedule a 20 Minute Consultation

Rates & Payments

  • 60 minute session for $200
  • 75 minute session for $250 (standard treatment time for couples therapy)
  • 90 minute session for $300

I do not take insurance, however, I will do my best to help you with some documents you may need to file with your insurance company. I do not file or submit the documents for you. It is common for couples or family therapy to be excluded from health insurance coverage. When it is covered, typically there must be an identified patient with a diagnosis that makes the therapy medically necessary. I advise checking with your insurance company before scheduling an appointment to see what type of reimbursement you can expect. At the time of your appointment, you may choose to pay with the credit card you have on file or with another credit card or cash. Payment is due at the beginning of service. I accept any credit card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo, which may include your HSA and FSA cards.

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